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Berkel-Trailer GbR

Crafty 400 (coming soon)

Crafty 400 (coming soon)

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Small but nice!
With a width of 40cm and length of 60cm. (Photos deviate from the original)

Perfect for a small dog box, aluminum box, euro box or beverage crates.

Many attachment options for different lashing straps, tension belts or the like.

Standard equipment:

- pre-assembled trailer with 16" wheels and standard tires

- Drawbar incl. Weber bayonet coupling or Thule ball coupling

- incl. safety rope

- excl. clutch on the bike

- Drawbar mount with split pin

- Socket pins with O-rings

- reflectors

- Color selection between basic and special colors

- Own weight: 10.5 kg

Delivery time:

- Delivery time for the basic color is currently approx. 20 working days

- Delivery time for special colors is currently approx. 20 working days

You can find recommended accessories in the shop:

- rubber mat

- LED tail light

- Clutch on the bike




inside dimensions approx.

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Other equipment

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