During the design and manufacture of the Berkel trailer
we rely on many years of experience in special machine construction.

Best material quality combined with well-engineered
manufacturing steps result in a product with the highest life expectancy.

We rely on laser-cut ones in production
Aluminum assemblies welded with a robot with consistent quality.

Each individual assembly is finished with a powder coating in the most versatile
Colors from the RAL table.

base frame

It consists of a 4mm aluminum laser cut, which is edged and complete
is welded.

All drill holes and cutouts serve their purpose. Whether retrofitting the deflector or installing a rear light.

Drawbar and drawbar connection

The drawbar is the connection between bike and trailer. Due to the aluminum, it weighs just around 400 g.

The connection to the bike can then be equipped with the most common coupling system.

The drawbar connection is machined from one piece and offers two functions:

1. "Quick Fix":

If it's just about the block


2. “Travel fixation”:

Should it be longer and bumpier.


For the axle, we rely on a through-axle made of aluminum with a quick system for
a quick disassembly of the wheels. In this way, the trailer can be reduced to the smallest possible pack size.

base plate

It, on the other hand, is made of 3mm aluminum to reduce weight. Screwed together, both result in a low-torsion construction, which nevertheless remains dynamic.

Optionally, the base plate can also be made of wood or similar.

base frame and
Base plate - why not in one piece?

Thanks to the separate construction, you have all the options:
Free color design of each individual assembly
Free choice of material, whether aluminum, wood, GRP, or similar.

Regardless of whether the frame is dented, the base plate has been damaged, or the purpose of the Berkel trailer changes:

It can be any individual assembly
exchange and replace individually.


There are no limits to the intended use of a Berkel trailer.
When it comes to the size of the wheels, not only can you choose between 16 inches and 20 inches, the type of tires is also individual.