Cargo trailer rental

Not everyone wants to buy a complete trailer right away and if they do, which trailer suits me best. Exactly for such topics we offer a rental.

You can decide for yourself how long you need it. We will send you the trailer in packaging that you can also use for the return shipment. You will receive the trailer about 2 days before the agreed rental time and you are not petty if it comes back 2 days late.

We pack enough accessories for you so that you reach your destination safely.

You're not sure if you scratched the trailer. That can happen with a commodity. So no need to worry.

In the case of willful destruction or loss, that is of course something else.

When choosing the bike hitch, we need your help. All you have to do is email us some information and photos of your bike.

If you know your technical limits, then please do not hesitate to have the clutch installed by a bicycle dealer. Not that your bike will be damaged or you lose the trailer on the way.

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