Wheel selection guide

There is no “right or wrong” here.

Let's just start. The Crafty 400 has 16 inch wheels mounted. The Crafty 500 and 600, on the other hand, have 20-inch wheels. Basically, of course; the larger the wheel, the smoother the running behavior. But of course aesthetics also play a role for us. That's why we made this pre-selection. Of course, every wheel fits every trailer and can be exchanged at will.

The type of tires is much more important. If you are planning a long tour over asphalt, choose a narrower coat with less running resistance. If you drive a lot in the countryside and sometimes "cross field in", then a slightly wider and coarser profile certainly makes more sense.

What you should pay attention to is the right air pressure for the load. A bulging tire pumped up to a maximum (e.g. 4-5 bar) has a lower running resistance but also hardly any dampening effect on bumps or bumps. A "half-full" tire (eg 2-3 bar) will dampen significantly better, but will have slightly more rolling resistance.

" Try makes wise" - and that's how it is. Just touch it.

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