Selection aid for trailers

Selection aid for trailers

So far we have three variants in the program from which you can choose.

These are the models:

Crafty 400 (40x60cm), Crafty 500 (50x70cm) and Crafty 600 (60x80cm).

First you should ask yourself what you want to transport primarily.

An example:

You have a small dog (e.g. Jack Russel), would like to get drinks, go on a trip with your family on May 1st or bring your broken chainsaw to the workshop.

Then the Crafty 400 could be the right trailer for you.

Check: Two crates fit, a dog crate size "S" fits, chainsaw fits.

Or another example:

Do you have a large dog (e.g. a labrador), would you like to take your green waste to the recycling center or do you sometimes need to be able to do some family shopping?

Then the Crafty 600 would suit you better.

Check: Four crates fit, two Euro boxes fit, one dog box size "XL" fits, space for green waste.

If you already have suitable boxes or bags, then it is even easier to measure.

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