Choosing a bike clutch

We use the WEBER coupling systems as standard for our Berkel trailer.

These enable us to adapt almost all bicycles.

With the help of a bayonet lock and a pressure lock, it can be operated with one hand and is child's play. Depending on the payload of the trailer, a heavy-duty variant from the manufacturer can be selected if required.

But which clutch do I need for my bike? We have prepared a selection guide for this, which you can find in every clutch item in the shop.

It's not as complicated as it looks at first glance. In case you need our help. Just send us some information about your bike by e-mail and preferably a few photos as well.

If it is quickly apparent to us, you will receive a direct recommendation. Otherwise first a small list of questions.

For those who already have a Thule Kugel Elastomer hitch on their bike, you can choose our matching drawbar.

We do not yet have a ready-made adaptation for the other common coupling systems. But we can certainly help you to find a solution with our basic drawbar.

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